The most important prophecies of Nostradamus for 2020

The great forecaster is still in demand. Each lived year gives more and more confirmation of his sagacity, adding to the number of fulfilled prophecies several more new ones.

And this gives reason to pay extreme attention to the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2020.

So, let’s get acquainted with them … Wars in the world Since 2020, the researchers of Nostradamus correlate the 27th quatrain of the 5th Century.

His translation from French is as follows: – Near the Black Sea by fire and sword – Persia will appear to capture Trabesund, – The sun will tremble over Faros and Mytilene, – Arabian blood will mix with the waves of the Adriatic.

This is interpreted quite clearly – as an attempt by Iran (Persia) to invade the territory of some Greek islands (Faros and Mytilene), as well as Egypt and Turkey.

Will this happen? Theoretically, everything is possible, since the situation around Iran is periodically escalating, and it is impossible to predict how far everything can go. Interestingly, this quatrain is not the only one associated with Iran.

There is another. This is the 25th quatrain of the 5th Century: – The warlike Arab prince [at the time when they unite] Sun, Venus, Leo – Will fall from the blows of the Church kingdom from the sea. – Almost a million flees to Persia, – Byzantium and Egypt will be captured. This quatrain also describes the situation around Iran as a point of tension, which can have dire consequences.

True, this state here appears only as one of several participants in the process. The essence of the quatrain is the attempts of the Muslim world to attack a Christian country, which attempts will fail. It is also important that the actions described in the quatrain are stretched over time: experts say that they will occur not only (and not even so much) in 2020, but also in 2021.

At the same time, Byzantium should most likely mean the very “Muslim world” that in this situation can be represented by Turkey, Iran and, possibly, some other countries.

Probably, the 23rd quatrain of the 2nd Century should probably be attributed to the next year. His translation sounds something like this: – Bird hunting will begin in the palace – Shortly after the prince appears there. – The river will separate from the enemy, – They will capture him from afar, rendering harmless from under the water.

This quatrain is tied to the difficult relationships of the peoples of the Arab world. Somewhere the power will be replaced, which will be used by ill-wishers. The solution to this problem will come from afar, because of the river, which should be understood simply as “big water”.

A certain strong power, using the submarine military vessels (or other means) available to it, will be able to neutralize the aggressor and return the situation to a peaceful course.

Researchers are convinced that Russia will turn out to be such a power, although there is no direct confirmation of this in the quatrain.

Religion In the near future, some researchers of the heritage of Nostradamus include the 56th quatrain of the 2nd Century.

He talks about church affairs, or rather, about the church crisis: – Not everyone can have a plague and a sword, – But standing on top of a hill will complete a fall from heaven with its abomination. “The abbot, having seen the wreck of the ship and the ruin, will die,” His team will vainly try to climb the cliff. The meaning of this quatrain is as follows: the church has ceased to be a means of achieving the kingdom of heaven; only the external, ceremonial remains.

The heads of the Christian Church are no longer the lights of spirituality, because they show the world their own fall into the abyss of sin. There are no true examples of holiness in it. Of course, in this case we should talk about European Christianity, especially since Nostradamus uses the word “abbot” in the quatrain, referring to the Catholic Church.

Of course, the process of decomposition of the institution of the Church will not occur within 1 year, so this prediction will only begin to be fulfilled in 2020. But the fact that he will not be avoided, Nostradamus predicted quite definitely. Politics In 2020, Russia can expect an important event. There is reason to say that during this period the country will enter into a stable alliance (or, at least, will begin to create it).

With what specific states it will be issued, Nostradamus does not indicate. However, it makes clear who this union will allow to resist. The 7th quatrain of the 6th Century says: – Nornegra, Dacia and the islands of Britain – Shocked / alarmed by the united brothers. – Troops of the leader of the Romanesque Gallic blood – Will be driven back / driven into the forest.

There is an explicit reference to a number of historical territories occupied today by the Scandinavians and, in particular, the Norwegians (Nornerga), as well as to the region in which Hungary, Ukraine, and the former Yugoslavia are located partly (all together – Dacia).

Plus Nostradamus quite specifically called the UK. It is these states, characterized by a high degree of Russophobia, that will be “shocked / alarmed” by the fact that now they are opposed by a powerful force. Perhaps their fears will be especially great because of the “leader of the Romance.” In it, you can guess Trump, whose mother, as you know, was Scottish (i.e. Gallic blood).

Apparently, the United States will not be able to oppose to Russia and its allies nothing significant, which will, in essence, mean their retreat. The reaction will be expressed mainly in some kind of undercover games like guerrilla sorties (“they will be thrown into the forest”).

Someone complains that the predictions of Nostradamus for 2020 are few. However, simple logic should tell us that, based on the total number of quatrains, the prophet simply could not devote many interpretations to one particular year.

Based on what has been correlated with the upcoming period, a simple conclusion follows: the world will still be far from harmony, but our place in it will turn out to be one of the most stable and stable

Chinese New Year 2019 – horoscope and meaning

The whole Far East celebrates – today, February 05, the Chinese New Year 2019 begins! Which will be dedicated this time to the pig sign! We know what will bring you interesting and how you will be lucky for the whole year!

The biggest holiday of the Eastern world – when and how is it celebrated?

The traditional Chinese calendar is governed not only by the annual cycle of the Sun, but it also calculates the Moon cycles and results in a combination of both. The beginning of the New Year in the Far East has traditionally always been on the New Moon, more precisely on the second moon after the winter solstice. This is usually in February, sometimes already at the end of January. This is the famous day this February 16, 2019!

The Chinese New Year is celebrated not only in China itself, but also in many other Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand. It’s a great holiday, which means several-day celebrations and an opportunity for the whole family to meet, just like we do at Christmas. And as with us, people return from the towns where they work, for the holidays in the village behind their parents. Children and teenagers receive money in red envelopes for happiness. The holiday season, which is also called the Spring Festival, lasts for 15 days after the New Year, the first five days of which traditionally belong only to family life. The last day of the celebration that falls on the full moon, on the contrary, bears the sign of parties and love.

chinese horoscope 2019

Every year, according to the Chinese horoscope, one of the twelve animals is dedicated. This determines the nature of the people who are born this year, as well as the events and energy that will accompany us throughout the year. Here, it is important to remember the differences between the terms of our and the Chinese New Year. This means for people born in January and February the need to find out exactly when the Chinese year began their birth. For example, children born between 1 January and 15 February 2019 are still under the influence of last year’s Kohout and not pig. Some Chinese people still still count their age according to their old age, not according to their real birthday, but they are considered “a year older” always starting from the Chinese New Year’s Day.

What is the Chinese Year of a pig?

The animal that comes to the government in the coming year is always the central figure of Chinese New Year celebrations. His illustrations can be found on New Year greetings and decorations, just everywhere. What is the sign of the pig that will be in the coming year and what will bring us?

The most important features of the pig include his honesty and loyalty. Pigs born to a pig can rely on their family and friends, they are also loyal to their work, and they are pleased to help others. Among people, they are so popular, but within themselves, pigs are often worried about fear and pessimism. But if they decide for something, they are persuaded and persistent, they can work hard. Even in interpersonal relationships, it takes them a long time to build trust, but once they are devoted to them, they become reliable and faithful protectors, just like their pig-like counterparts in the animal kingdom. Despite their friendliness they can also “bite” when they get the reason for anger, just like real pigs!  To read the chinese horoscope overview follow this link.

In the pig year, for all of us, no sign of birth, more important than other solidarity, mutual understanding and empathy. The focus will be on social issues, traditional values and the effort to find common ground through dialogue. Careers will be best served by people and businesses who work honestly and fairly and not only make their first profits. In policy, the importance of struggling to improve social conditions will grow. In love, family, and personal life, the pig will be a good year for most signs, but more often than ever, the tendency to melancholy and pessimistic moods may appear. Year pig is also a year of action and action. Finally, we stop putting things off and instead of endless planning go straight to the point!

Very interesting is the pig year for the people who were born in this sign (and therefore will celebrate 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 or 108 years in the upcoming Chinese year 2019). The year when your sign again comes to the government is “a rebirth” for you. This is an opportunity for new beginnings, but also a greater chance of endangering negative forces! To bewail, you should wear red underwear all year long – red is the color of luck! So what, you have enough stock? Another option is always to wear a red piece of clothing or at least red accessories or jewelery.

In addition to the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, each Chinese year is dedicated to one of the five elements. Everything is then repeated in sixty-year cycles. This year, the Land of the Earth, the Land pig, comes to power as the last of 1958. Compared to other pigs, the Land pig relies heavily on his hard work, and he can be stubborn and impotent in the good sense. He respects other people, but rather tries to achieve his goals by himself, rather than counting with the help of his surroundings.

How to Call Your Happiness – Chinese New Year Superstitions!

Do you know what to do to keep you lucky in the upcoming Chinese year? According to the old custom, it is necessary to welcome the new year in new clothes – it is a symbol of purification from all old and bad beginnings, new clean energies. The most suitable color of clothing and holiday decorations is red, which is valid in the Far East for the happiest color. On the contrary, avoiding black and white. Both are considered to be the colors of sadness and misfortune!

There is a whole host of traditions and superstitions that need to be avoided during the New Year celebrations if you want to ensure happiness throughout the year. First of all, it is necessary to remove all negative words from your vocabulary, such as “illness”, “death”, “bad”, “poor”, “pain” and the like. It is believed that by saying negative words, one calls calamity! It is also necessary to avoid quarrels and disputes, and if it is not necessary, do not take drugs and do not go to the doctor – so you do not have to do the rest of the year! The messenger of misfortune is also shards – if something accidentally breaks down, it is customary to wrap shards in red paper to prevent bad luck.

Before the arrival of the Chinese New Year, great cleaning is done, just like we do before Christmas. It is a symbol of purification from everything old and bad, much like new clothes. However, during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, it is no longer possible to clean up! You could sweep away luck! For the same reason, you should not even shower at the Chinese New Year! Happiness can also disturb sharp objects, so do not use knives and scissors if possible. Bad luck allegedly involves cutting hair, so hairdressers have been closed in China until the end of the holiday season.

And just like us, China’s New Year’s Day is a very popular fireworks. Their meaning is, however, deeper and more symbolic, not just fun! According to the old legend, the fireworks can reliably repel demons and evil forces, and thus avoid the misfortune in the coming year!

Gemini love & career horoscope 2019

The Main predictions for Gemini’s Sentimental Life in 2019:

  • Relative life takes on sentimental, but also professional.
  • The unmarried twins could find their half in the workplace.
  • You benefit from the moral and material support of the couple.
  • There may be a problem of fidelity in a couple’s life.

Money and career

Professionally, you have to pull in 2019 at least as much as in the second half of last year. If you focused, at least to a certain extent, on this issue in the previous year, it would be ideal that the one who is about to open up to show the same professionalism. Occasions appear to show off your skills, you just have to notice them.

According to the website , In February and the first part of March, it would be desirable to focus on developing relationships that you consider professionally. Starting in February, however, it may well be that some of the issues that you have about your work suffer delays, delays or just some confusion that affects your pace.

In the first half of April, it may well be that your plans for the future or the group projects in which you are involved may be some obstacles. Although this implies taking an attitude, think well what initiative you take. You may do more harm than good if you act in a hasty fashion. She measures twice and cuts once.

In July and / or August, some bureaucratic problems can occur, which puts you in a position to wait for your part to recover from a project with third parties. He may have signed a contract without having previously read the clauses with due attention. Perhaps this scenario will make you work differently in the future.

In the last quarter of this year, it is also a waste of the feeling that you never succeed in realizing everything you have proposed at work. This change of atmosphere can also be thanks to the fact that you are going through fewer attempts on this plane. Even so, it does not mean you can lie down on your ear. You still have a lot to prove.

As can be seen from the above lines, 2019 is at least professionally busy. Though you may be doubting that you will face the challenges, the stars give you opportunities to deal with them and to put you in a truly positive light. You just have to leave the ring when the fight gets too heavy.


gemini horoscope 2019



In 2019, Gemini’s relationships are focused on shared responsibility, involvement in organizing living, but also intimacy, sexuality, mutual trust, loyalty. It may not be easy to bring things to a balance, but with perseverance they can get out of hand.

The twins are always open to flirting, whether with a pronounced platonic or intellectual tone, but such “activities” are not always as harmless as they seem. In 2019, many Gemini can face the consequences of their own imprudence, either emotionally, physically or even financially.

Jupiter, the planet governing the VII House of the Gemini (the home of partnerships, including marriage), is found by 8 November 2019 in the home of work and health. Therefore, it can be said that your relational life is likely to thrive, indefinite if it is professional relationships or

personal relationships, provided you strive, have a pragmatic attitude and be alert to deep emotional details, but also to the overall picture.

In marriage you would like to see more involvement from your husband or wife, but he / she has the same expectations on your part. Unmarried twins can meet their workplace half or on the occasion of professional activities, but they may also be attracted to people who seem to need help. However, “savior-victim” relationships are not beneficial and should be avoided.

From another perspective, however, considering the harmonious look between Jupiter and Pluto (which is in House VIII), it seems that during the year 2019 you will receive financial and emotional support from your half. The beneficial effects of this harmonious aspect are most apparent in January, April and December, but there is also a reversal of the medal: increasing dependence on your mate and its exaggerated interference in your affairs.

The month of January 2019 is hot on a sentimental plane, because the Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Gemini’s House VIII, alongside Saturn and Pluto. Erotic life tends to be intense, as is the temptation to crawl. But you can get yourself caught in a network of intrigues and blackmail from which you can only come up with heated discussions, threats, and perhaps even spoiling friendships.

Also in the first part of 2019 there might be a question of fidelity in a couple’s life, and the Gemini who find themselves in divorce may find it difficult to reach a settlement deal. On the other hand, Gemini wanting a partner / partner rapprochement can enjoy an improvement in erotic life and seduction.

A very animated social and relational period is March. Now you can make your friends easier, but you tend to mix things so that a friendly relationship can quickly turn into an amorous one – or vice versa.

Throughout 2019, relational life can help you know in depth, but also rediscover the beauty and power of seduction, unconventional passions, perhaps even to the extreme (because Saturn and Pluton are in Gemini’s VIII house).

Between 18 April and 6 September 2019, when Saturn is in a retrograde motion, a number of Gemini might pose the problem of couple-based relationships and is not excluded from abandoning relationships involving financial and / or emotional addictions .

In retrospect, Venus retrospects the Gemini love house between October 31 and November 16, and Mercury, the governor of Gemini, is relegating to the partnership home between November 17 and December 1. Therefore, November 2019 is very good to review your expectations and intentions in a sentimental plan, but not to move on to new relationships. Although there may be difficulties in communicating with the couple, it would now be the best moment of balance, discussion on engagement issues, each partner’s attitude towards family life. Also, during this period, it is possible to show the temptation of a past love, and if you do not have a stable relationship, you might be tempted by a reconciliation with your old love or a reevaluation of it.

On November 8, 2019, Jupiter enters the Gemini partnership home, which is also Jupiter’s home. Therefore, you now have a good chance of triggering favorable turnarounds, relying on the desire to grow with each other, to improve and strengthen the relationships that matter to you. But there may be a predisposition to put too much pressure on the partner / life partner, either with exaggerated expectations or with unjustified optimism.

On the other hand, Jupiter’s presence in the partnership house could create the best conditions for an amicable break-up, opening the way for a new evolution, a broadening of the relational horizon, so that you can finally find what what do you want?