The Main predictions for Gemini’s Sentimental Life in 2019:

  • Relative life takes on sentimental, but also professional.
  • The unmarried twins could find their half in the workplace.
  • You benefit from the moral and material support of the couple.
  • There may be a problem of fidelity in a couple’s life.

Money and career

Professionally, you have to pull in 2019 at least as much as in the second half of last year. If you focused, at least to a certain extent, on this issue in the previous year, it would be ideal that the one who is about to open up to show the same professionalism. Occasions appear to show off your skills, you just have to notice them.

According to the website , In February and the first part of March, it would be desirable to focus on developing relationships that you consider professionally. Starting in February, however, it may well be that some of the issues that you have about your work suffer delays, delays or just some confusion that affects your pace.

In the first half of April, it may well be that your plans for the future or the group projects in which you are involved may be some obstacles. Although this implies taking an attitude, think well what initiative you take. You may do more harm than good if you act in a hasty fashion. She measures twice and cuts once.

In July and / or August, some bureaucratic problems can occur, which puts you in a position to wait for your part to recover from a project with third parties. He may have signed a contract without having previously read the clauses with due attention. Perhaps this scenario will make you work differently in the future.

In the last quarter of this year, it is also a waste of the feeling that you never succeed in realizing everything you have proposed at work. This change of atmosphere can also be thanks to the fact that you are going through fewer attempts on this plane. Even so, it does not mean you can lie down on your ear. You still have a lot to prove.

As can be seen from the above lines, 2019 is at least professionally busy. Though you may be doubting that you will face the challenges, the stars give you opportunities to deal with them and to put you in a truly positive light. You just have to leave the ring when the fight gets too heavy.


gemini horoscope 2019



In 2019, Gemini’s relationships are focused on shared responsibility, involvement in organizing living, but also intimacy, sexuality, mutual trust, loyalty. It may not be easy to bring things to a balance, but with perseverance they can get out of hand.

The twins are always open to flirting, whether with a pronounced platonic or intellectual tone, but such “activities” are not always as harmless as they seem. In 2019, many Gemini can face the consequences of their own imprudence, either emotionally, physically or even financially.

Jupiter, the planet governing the VII House of the Gemini (the home of partnerships, including marriage), is found by 8 November 2019 in the home of work and health. Therefore, it can be said that your relational life is likely to thrive, indefinite if it is professional relationships or

personal relationships, provided you strive, have a pragmatic attitude and be alert to deep emotional details, but also to the overall picture.

In marriage you would like to see more involvement from your husband or wife, but he / she has the same expectations on your part. Unmarried twins can meet their workplace half or on the occasion of professional activities, but they may also be attracted to people who seem to need help. However, “savior-victim” relationships are not beneficial and should be avoided.

From another perspective, however, considering the harmonious look between Jupiter and Pluto (which is in House VIII), it seems that during the year 2019 you will receive financial and emotional support from your half. The beneficial effects of this harmonious aspect are most apparent in January, April and December, but there is also a reversal of the medal: increasing dependence on your mate and its exaggerated interference in your affairs.

The month of January 2019 is hot on a sentimental plane, because the Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Gemini’s House VIII, alongside Saturn and Pluto. Erotic life tends to be intense, as is the temptation to crawl. But you can get yourself caught in a network of intrigues and blackmail from which you can only come up with heated discussions, threats, and perhaps even spoiling friendships.

Also in the first part of 2019 there might be a question of fidelity in a couple’s life, and the Gemini who find themselves in divorce may find it difficult to reach a settlement deal. On the other hand, Gemini wanting a partner / partner rapprochement can enjoy an improvement in erotic life and seduction.

A very animated social and relational period is March. Now you can make your friends easier, but you tend to mix things so that a friendly relationship can quickly turn into an amorous one – or vice versa.

Throughout 2019, relational life can help you know in depth, but also rediscover the beauty and power of seduction, unconventional passions, perhaps even to the extreme (because Saturn and Pluton are in Gemini’s VIII house).

Between 18 April and 6 September 2019, when Saturn is in a retrograde motion, a number of Gemini might pose the problem of couple-based relationships and is not excluded from abandoning relationships involving financial and / or emotional addictions .

In retrospect, Venus retrospects the Gemini love house between October 31 and November 16, and Mercury, the governor of Gemini, is relegating to the partnership home between November 17 and December 1. Therefore, November 2019 is very good to review your expectations and intentions in a sentimental plan, but not to move on to new relationships. Although there may be difficulties in communicating with the couple, it would now be the best moment of balance, discussion on engagement issues, each partner’s attitude towards family life. Also, during this period, it is possible to show the temptation of a past love, and if you do not have a stable relationship, you might be tempted by a reconciliation with your old love or a reevaluation of it.

On November 8, 2019, Jupiter enters the Gemini partnership home, which is also Jupiter’s home. Therefore, you now have a good chance of triggering favorable turnarounds, relying on the desire to grow with each other, to improve and strengthen the relationships that matter to you. But there may be a predisposition to put too much pressure on the partner / life partner, either with exaggerated expectations or with unjustified optimism.

On the other hand, Jupiter’s presence in the partnership house could create the best conditions for an amicable break-up, opening the way for a new evolution, a broadening of the relational horizon, so that you can finally find what what do you want?

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