The whole Far East celebrates – today, February 05, the Chinese New Year 2019 begins! Which will be dedicated this time to the pig sign! We know what will bring you interesting and how you will be lucky for the whole year!

The biggest holiday of the Eastern world – when and how is it celebrated?

The traditional Chinese calendar is governed not only by the annual cycle of the Sun, but it also calculates the Moon cycles and results in a combination of both. The beginning of the New Year in the Far East has traditionally always been on the New Moon, more precisely on the second moon after the winter solstice. This is usually in February, sometimes already at the end of January. This is the famous day this February 16, 2019!

The Chinese New Year is celebrated not only in China itself, but also in many other Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand. It’s a great holiday, which means several-day celebrations and an opportunity for the whole family to meet, just like we do at Christmas. And as with us, people return from the towns where they work, for the holidays in the village behind their parents. Children and teenagers receive money in red envelopes for happiness. The holiday season, which is also called the Spring Festival, lasts for 15 days after the New Year, the first five days of which traditionally belong only to family life. The last day of the celebration that falls on the full moon, on the contrary, bears the sign of parties and love.

chinese horoscope 2019

Every year, according to the Chinese horoscope, one of the twelve animals is dedicated. This determines the nature of the people who are born this year, as well as the events and energy that will accompany us throughout the year. Here, it is important to remember the differences between the terms of our and the Chinese New Year. This means for people born in January and February the need to find out exactly when the Chinese year began their birth. For example, children born between 1 January and 15 February 2019 are still under the influence of last year’s Kohout and not pig. Some Chinese people still still count their age according to their old age, not according to their real birthday, but they are considered “a year older” always starting from the Chinese New Year’s Day.

What is the Chinese Year of a pig?

The animal that comes to the government in the coming year is always the central figure of Chinese New Year celebrations. His illustrations can be found on New Year greetings and decorations, just everywhere. What is the sign of the pig that will be in the coming year and what will bring us?

The most important features of the pig include his honesty and loyalty. Pigs born to a pig can rely on their family and friends, they are also loyal to their work, and they are pleased to help others. Among people, they are so popular, but within themselves, pigs are often worried about fear and pessimism. But if they decide for something, they are persuaded and persistent, they can work hard. Even in interpersonal relationships, it takes them a long time to build trust, but once they are devoted to them, they become reliable and faithful protectors, just like their pig-like counterparts in the animal kingdom. Despite their friendliness they can also “bite” when they get the reason for anger, just like real pigs!  To read the chinese horoscope overview follow this link.

In the pig year, for all of us, no sign of birth, more important than other solidarity, mutual understanding and empathy. The focus will be on social issues, traditional values and the effort to find common ground through dialogue. Careers will be best served by people and businesses who work honestly and fairly and not only make their first profits. In policy, the importance of struggling to improve social conditions will grow. In love, family, and personal life, the pig will be a good year for most signs, but more often than ever, the tendency to melancholy and pessimistic moods may appear. Year pig is also a year of action and action. Finally, we stop putting things off and instead of endless planning go straight to the point!

Very interesting is the pig year for the people who were born in this sign (and therefore will celebrate 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 or 108 years in the upcoming Chinese year 2019). The year when your sign again comes to the government is “a rebirth” for you. This is an opportunity for new beginnings, but also a greater chance of endangering negative forces! To bewail, you should wear red underwear all year long – red is the color of luck! So what, you have enough stock? Another option is always to wear a red piece of clothing or at least red accessories or jewelery.

In addition to the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, each Chinese year is dedicated to one of the five elements. Everything is then repeated in sixty-year cycles. This year, the Land of the Earth, the Land pig, comes to power as the last of 1958. Compared to other pigs, the Land pig relies heavily on his hard work, and he can be stubborn and impotent in the good sense. He respects other people, but rather tries to achieve his goals by himself, rather than counting with the help of his surroundings.

How to Call Your Happiness – Chinese New Year Superstitions!

Do you know what to do to keep you lucky in the upcoming Chinese year? According to the old custom, it is necessary to welcome the new year in new clothes – it is a symbol of purification from all old and bad beginnings, new clean energies. The most suitable color of clothing and holiday decorations is red, which is valid in the Far East for the happiest color. On the contrary, avoiding black and white. Both are considered to be the colors of sadness and misfortune!

There is a whole host of traditions and superstitions that need to be avoided during the New Year celebrations if you want to ensure happiness throughout the year. First of all, it is necessary to remove all negative words from your vocabulary, such as “illness”, “death”, “bad”, “poor”, “pain” and the like. It is believed that by saying negative words, one calls calamity! It is also necessary to avoid quarrels and disputes, and if it is not necessary, do not take drugs and do not go to the doctor – so you do not have to do the rest of the year! The messenger of misfortune is also shards – if something accidentally breaks down, it is customary to wrap shards in red paper to prevent bad luck.

Before the arrival of the Chinese New Year, great cleaning is done, just like we do before Christmas. It is a symbol of purification from everything old and bad, much like new clothes. However, during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, it is no longer possible to clean up! You could sweep away luck! For the same reason, you should not even shower at the Chinese New Year! Happiness can also disturb sharp objects, so do not use knives and scissors if possible. Bad luck allegedly involves cutting hair, so hairdressers have been closed in China until the end of the holiday season.

And just like us, China’s New Year’s Day is a very popular fireworks. Their meaning is, however, deeper and more symbolic, not just fun! According to the old legend, the fireworks can reliably repel demons and evil forces, and thus avoid the misfortune in the coming year!

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