The great forecaster is still in demand. Each lived year gives more and more confirmation of his sagacity, adding to the number of fulfilled prophecies several more new ones.

And this gives reason to pay extreme attention to the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2020.

So, let’s get acquainted with them … Wars in the world Since 2020, the researchers of Nostradamus correlate the 27th quatrain of the 5th Century.

His translation from French is as follows: – Near the Black Sea by fire and sword – Persia will appear to capture Trabesund, – The sun will tremble over Faros and Mytilene, – Arabian blood will mix with the waves of the Adriatic.

This is interpreted quite clearly – as an attempt by Iran (Persia) to invade the territory of some Greek islands (Faros and Mytilene), as well as Egypt and Turkey.

Will this happen? Theoretically, everything is possible, since the situation around Iran is periodically escalating, and it is impossible to predict how far everything can go. Interestingly, this quatrain is not the only one associated with Iran.

There is another. This is the 25th quatrain of the 5th Century: – The warlike Arab prince [at the time when they unite] Sun, Venus, Leo – Will fall from the blows of the Church kingdom from the sea. – Almost a million flees to Persia, – Byzantium and Egypt will be captured. This quatrain also describes the situation around Iran as a point of tension, which can have dire consequences.

True, this state here appears only as one of several participants in the process. The essence of the quatrain is the attempts of the Muslim world to attack a Christian country, which attempts will fail. It is also important that the actions described in the quatrain are stretched over time: experts say that they will occur not only (and not even so much) in 2020, but also in 2021.

At the same time, Byzantium should most likely mean the very “Muslim world” that in this situation can be represented by Turkey, Iran and, possibly, some other countries.

Probably, the 23rd quatrain of the 2nd Century should probably be attributed to the next year. His translation sounds something like this: – Bird hunting will begin in the palace – Shortly after the prince appears there. – The river will separate from the enemy, – They will capture him from afar, rendering harmless from under the water.

This quatrain is tied to the difficult relationships of the peoples of the Arab world. Somewhere the power will be replaced, which will be used by ill-wishers. The solution to this problem will come from afar, because of the river, which should be understood simply as “big water”.

A certain strong power, using the submarine military vessels (or other means) available to it, will be able to neutralize the aggressor and return the situation to a peaceful course.

Researchers are convinced that Russia will turn out to be such a power, although there is no direct confirmation of this in the quatrain.

Religion In the near future, some researchers of the heritage of Nostradamus include the 56th quatrain of the 2nd Century.

He talks about church affairs, or rather, about the church crisis: – Not everyone can have a plague and a sword, – But standing on top of a hill will complete a fall from heaven with its abomination. “The abbot, having seen the wreck of the ship and the ruin, will die,” His team will vainly try to climb the cliff. The meaning of this quatrain is as follows: the church has ceased to be a means of achieving the kingdom of heaven; only the external, ceremonial remains.

The heads of the Christian Church are no longer the lights of spirituality, because they show the world their own fall into the abyss of sin. There are no true examples of holiness in it. Of course, in this case we should talk about European Christianity, especially since Nostradamus uses the word “abbot” in the quatrain, referring to the Catholic Church.

Of course, the process of decomposition of the institution of the Church will not occur within 1 year, so this prediction will only begin to be fulfilled in 2020. But the fact that he will not be avoided, Nostradamus predicted quite definitely. Politics In 2020, Russia can expect an important event. There is reason to say that during this period the country will enter into a stable alliance (or, at least, will begin to create it).

With what specific states it will be issued, Nostradamus does not indicate. However, it makes clear who this union will allow to resist. The 7th quatrain of the 6th Century says: – Nornegra, Dacia and the islands of Britain – Shocked / alarmed by the united brothers. – Troops of the leader of the Romanesque Gallic blood – Will be driven back / driven into the forest.

There is an explicit reference to a number of historical territories occupied today by the Scandinavians and, in particular, the Norwegians (Nornerga), as well as to the region in which Hungary, Ukraine, and the former Yugoslavia are located partly (all together – Dacia).

Plus Nostradamus quite specifically called the UK. It is these states, characterized by a high degree of Russophobia, that will be “shocked / alarmed” by the fact that now they are opposed by a powerful force. Perhaps their fears will be especially great because of the “leader of the Romance.” In it, you can guess Trump, whose mother, as you know, was Scottish (i.e. Gallic blood).

Apparently, the United States will not be able to oppose to Russia and its allies nothing significant, which will, in essence, mean their retreat. The reaction will be expressed mainly in some kind of undercover games like guerrilla sorties (“they will be thrown into the forest”).

Someone complains that the predictions of Nostradamus for 2020 are few. However, simple logic should tell us that, based on the total number of quatrains, the prophet simply could not devote many interpretations to one particular year.

Based on what has been correlated with the upcoming period, a simple conclusion follows: the world will still be far from harmony, but our place in it will turn out to be one of the most stable and stable

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