Travel is not particularly favored on the 2nd. Put your ideas into action on the 4th. The results should be amazing. A smooth day at work for the 7th. You can sell anything to almost anyone on the 8th. Put your best foot forward and take a chance during the 9th. Lend a helping hand to a co-worker on the 10th. The favor will eventually be returned two-fold. Try and remain focused on what it is you’re doing when the 14th arrives, otherwise, you won’t get much accomplished. Catch up on needed phone calls during the 16th. Put your ideas into writing on the 17th and try to apply them. Good news arrives on the 18th.

Try and keep your opinions to yourself during the 21st. Full speed ahead on the 23rd. A productive but somewhat stressful day for the 24th. However, a smooth day arrives on the 25th. Success for the 28th and the 29th. Opportunity knocks during the 31st.

Don’t rush into making any large item purchases during the 4th. Take a day or two to think it over and shop around, you might find a better deal. Review finances during the 9th. Finances could go up and down between the 17th and 18th. Hang in there, everything should fall into place by the 19th. Shopping is favored for the 23rd. Handle financial matters during the 31st.

Take some time during the 1st to do something good for yourself. In fact, it’s a great time to begin an exercise program. When the 5th arrives, get up and get out. It’s time to have some fun. Get together with friends during the 6th. Since you probably won’t be in the best of spirits during the 12th, why not spend the day at home relaxing. Watch a movie, read a book, or engage yourself in a hobby that you enjoy. The 16th may bring a somewhat confusing day with friends. Although the 17th may be a bit on the busy side, take a little time to spend with a close friend. Communication with family is important on the 22nd. Visit with a friend during the 26th. You’ll be glad that you did. Invite family members over to your place during the 27th. Entertain and have a few laughs. Socializing during the evening of the 30th will be worth the effort it takes to get there.

Spend quality time with your partner during the 2nd. The two of you have some catching up to do. Plan something special with your partner for the evening of the 5th. The rewards are worth the effort. Love is renewed on the 14th. Passion is on a rampage during the 27th. Enjoy. Communication with your partner is important on the 28th.