The blockages will be lifted this year. At work, new possibilities will emerge. As a family, loved ones will be well and have the desire to undertake. As a couple, complicity and desire will once again be at the rendezvous. It will be as if the sun came back after a long winter. In addition, the sign natives are making great progress in financial terms. This improvement, a bit slow at the beginning of the year, will be clearer after July. Also, their state of mind will change this time. Instead of crushing black, they will again believe in their good star. This much more optimistic attitude will make them more pleasant to live as a couple. And more seductive if they live alone. It is with confidence in their future that everything will succeed!

Tru Phu, influencing areas related to self-expression and relationships with others, will help you to respond positively to the challenges of destiny this year. Take advantage of the beneficial energy that this star can infuse out of your shell. It will be the moment or never to affirm and to regain confidence in you. You can enjoy all the small events of everyday life, whether positive or negative, to learn to listen to others, to respect their point of view, to love them. You will quickly realize that opening your heart to others does not mean to depend on it, and that it is by loving yourself first that you will in your turn love others serenely.

Strong attraction for the other sex and affective relations harmonious, if at least you do not confuse as you like the relations that you maintain with your entourage. Do not mix love and money.

The star Thien Tai in your House V will favor intellectual concentration and memory. It will effectively help all those involved in long-term work.

With the blessing of the planet Dau Quan, the agreement will reign between your partner and you, especially if you are not sparing of sweet words and refined attentions. Be tolerant and conciliatory, you will be rewarded.

Peaceful loves will be favored, to the detriment of tumultuous and shattering passions. Couples already trained will purr well. And solitary souls will have a good chance of finding the hooked atoms.

Under the impetus of Thien Quan, the main planet of your natal Heaven this year, relaxation and pleasure of life will be on the program. You will feel very comfortable, and you will take things on the right side. Excellent family atmosphere.