A low profile day at work for the 1st. A productive day for the 4th. Travel is favored on the 5th. You’ll be making great impressions at work during the 6th and your career is getting ready to take a boost. Work pressure is on the rise during the 7th and stress on the job for the 8th. A much better day awaits for the 12th when learning and travel are favored. Your power of expression is strong during the 13th. Success is in the air on the 14th.

You could easily become the “middle man” or the “go-between” for a situation that arises at work during the 15th. Do what you can to help resolve tension amongst coworkers. A successful day in all you do for the 18th. Learning is favored for the 20th and the 21st. A smooth and fun-filled day for the 22nd. Busy, busy, busy for the 26th. Be careful that you don’t take on more than you can carry when the 28th arrives.

Shopping is favored for early in the day of the 2nd. Shopping is favored for the 8th. Be careful with money during the 14th and whatever you do, avoid shopping for large purchases. Applying for credit during the 21st in your favor.

Socializing is your best bet for the 9th. A personal issue will take up most of your thoughts during the 10th. Get together with friends during the 14th and have a laugh or two. Family gatherings are fun and enjoyable during the 16th.

Take some time during the 17th to take care of a few things around the home. Get out with friends and have some fun during the 20th. The 25th should provide a pleasant day all around. Try and get home early and relax. Entertaining at your place is favorable for the 26th. In order to enjoy the evening of the 31st, be sure to get some rest early in the day.

Spend some time with your partner during the 1st. Communication is important in your relationship on the 2nd. . If there’s a decision to be reached regarding your relationship, the 8th provides clear thinking.
Compromise is the key word when dealing with your partner during the 16th. Romance blossoms during the 23rd. You could meet that special someone. Be sure to put a smile on your face. From the 27th straight through to the 28th passion is on the horizon. Romance shines on the 31st. Also, be sure the rea this article and foind out what Nostradamus predictited for the year 2018.

Happy New Year!