Pay close attention to details during the 2nd, and whatever you do, be sure to read the fine print before signing any contracts or important papers. Travel and business mix well for the 6th. Put your thoughts and ideas into writing during the 9th. This way, there won’t be any misunderstandings about who thought of what first. On the 10th, hard work pays off with success. The 11th is favorable for business deals of all sorts. Concentration may be a problem during the 12th.

However, once you get into your work, you’ll at least make some progress. Learning is favored for the 16th. Communication is on your side during the 18th, so make the most of it. Opportunity knocks during the 19th, be sure to answer. Interviews and presentations are highly favored for the 20th. Full speed ahead for early in the day of the 23rd. Get done what you can, because as the day progresses, your energy may decrease. On the 25th be prepared for one interruption after another. An opportunity to get ahead may arise during the 26th. Try and avoid co-workers as much as you can during the 27th. They may be a bit moody.

Lucky with finances during the 7th. Shopping is favored for the 13th, however, before making any large purchases, think twice. Maybe you should shop around for a better deal. Shopping is favored for the 17th.

If you’re out with friends during the 1st, be sure not to go far from home. Travel is not particularly favored. Be careful how you phrase your opinion with a close friend during the 5th. You may come off a bit sarcastic and lose a friend over something that you really didn’t mean. Put your creativity to work for you at home during the 7th. You’ll be glad that you did. Before you can go out to play on the 8th, there may be a few things that require your attention first. Do them and get them over with, then have fun. Get up early and get out with friends during the 21st. A great time awaits. Although the 22nd may start off with a few unexpected problems to handle, once they are taken care of, the remainder of the day will be enjoyable.

Romance when you least expect it for the 3rd. Love is on the horizon during the 4th. Romance shines on the 14th. Passion galore for the 15th. Communication with your partner during the 24th can lead to an understanding. Plan some quality time with your partner during the 28th. Perhaps you should do something that they want to do.