2017 is a year to go into production, whether you choose to do so in a business/commercial way or bringing new life into the world in very human terms. This is an extremely fertile twelve months all round. After some six years of hard times, there’s a lot more pleasure and fulfilment coming your way – you get back your bounce and confidence, and you’ll take more chances, which will be to your advantage. Your biggest challenge planetary-wise continues to be Pluto and, especially if you have a 11th – 16th June birthday, the mid-periods of March, June, September and December produce your greatest tests and your biggest breakthroughs.


Pluto continues to churn its way through the love department of your solar chart, this year primarily focusing his attention on the aforementioned birthday group. Under Pluto lovers and partners take you to the heights of happiness and the depths of despondency – sometimes in the space of a day – but of one thing you can be sure, you will be transformed by love. May, June and October are the big months for romantic and relationship developments, and if you meet someone on or near the 2nd January, 23rd May or 29th October, be assured this is destiny at work.

Money and Work

One of the reasons 2017 – at least the second half – is so bullish is that, after four years Saturn will be clear of the personal and financial zones. All right, you may not become a millionaire overnight but you will have fewer drains on your bank account and investments should prosper. Career-wise, Uranus is a bit of a wild card, especially for the May Geminians: sudden changes of course, whether at your own instigation or through circumstances and other people, can be expected, although, on the plus side you may get your fifteen minutes of fame – Uranus is the planet of the media.

Home and Family

You need freedom and options almost as much as the air you breathe but if nothing else the last few years have taught you the value of having people in your corner – and first and foremost this has meant family. 2017 gives you back some of that freedom and independence, and, more importantly, you get to taste the joy of life, as opposed to its responsibilities. There could be new members of the family to welcome in, and a holiday or celebration in the summer could be one of the year’s brightest moments.