The last two years have brought challenges into your life in relation to financial conditions. For whatever reasons, your disposable income has been diminished. You may have made a long term investment that uses your extra resources in the short haul. In the second half of this year you will find that the squeeze is a little less tight on your billfold, which is good news for most folks.

From July 2017 forward, the fresh challenges will be tied to the area of communications. You will be called upon to learn a new language and to communicate to others with far greater efficiency than you have in the past. You may be asked to speak in public or to begin teaching those around you about your skills. From inside you will probably feel a “call” to organize your stacks of files and papers so that important items can be found when needed. This is a 2.5 year cycle, so fortunately you do not have to think about doing it overnight.Jupiter, a beneficent and expansive energy, moves into your 5th house in late October and will remain for approximately 13 months.


This is the territory of creative works and as such, it also includes children, who are born of our souls. Pregnancy is a common theme with this transit, so if you are of childbearing age and are not ready, then be sure to take precautions. You may feel a strong drive to use your talents and creativity to materialize an image born in your imagination. Single individuals may find potential lovers along every path. The following dates are noteworthy times of potential: Feb 7 — 17, Mar 6, 15, April 8, May 17, May 30–June 15, July 1–6, Aug. 5-6, 30, Sep 1, Oct 5, 22, Nov 8.

You are ruled by the planet Mercury, the ancient courier of messages. Three times per year Mercury goes retrograde and during these periods circumstances press you to slow down, even if you would rather not. Decisions and forward motion become difficult in general, but varies in emphasis, depending upon the area Mercury travels.

The planet will retrograde between March 19 and April 12 in your house of friendships and community organizations. Between July 22 and August 15, Mercury will be in the area of short distance travels, vehicles, public speaking, writing, and informal education. Between Nov. 14 and Dec. 3 it is in the house of partnerships, which suggests you may be slowed by your partner’s indecisions. You’ve experienced this phenomenon many times, so it is not foreboding. The best thing to do when it is retrograde is to blame all mistakes on Mercury and maintain a sense of humor.