A smooth day for the 1st. Good news is on the way during the 2nd. Be careful making business decisions during the 7th. Although the 9th may start off as just one of those days, as the day progresses, so does your productivity. If you have something to say to a colleague during the 10th, don稚 hold back, be sure to get whatever it is, off your chest. You値l be glad that you did. Learning is favored for the 14th and attention to details is important.

Your ideas and suggestions are right on target during the 15th. Be sure to take advantage and express yourself. Reaching a business decision on the 16th will be easy. Get any important business matters taken care of early in the day during the 21st. Communications are not as strong as they could be on the 22nd or 23rd, so if at all possible, avoid making presentations at least until the 24th. The afternoon of the 25th offers business opportunity. If you can manage to run errands alone or get your work done alone during the 28th, you値l be glad that you did and you値l avoid conflict with others. At work on the 30th, try and stay focused on what it is you池e doing. Otherwise, you値l end up not getting anything accomplished.

Avoid shopping on the 2nd and if you go shopping on the 3rd, be sure to count your change. A get rich quick scheme is too good to be true during the 8th. Shopping on the 9th will be fun and exciting. If you池e approached for a loan during the 13th, you may want to decline. If at all possible, avoid shopping during the 18th. Otherwise, you値l end up spending way to much and be disappointed with yourself and your purchases, later. Shopping is highlighted for the 31st.

Fun and excitement await for the 5th, so get out with some friends and enjoy. The 6th is a great day for socializing. A heart-to-heart discussion with a close friend during the 19th, will leave the two of you back on track. Planning for the future is recommended for the 20th. A social gathering for the evening of the 25th is worth the effort it takes to get there. Stimulating fun and excitement await. Travel for fun is rewarding during the 26th. Get together with friends. If you don稚 believe everything that you hear during the 27th, you値l have a fun day. Good news arrives during the 29th leaving you in a great mood.

Dating and romance combine well for the 1st. Love is on the horizon during the 4th. If you don稚 have a date for the 11th, go out, you may just meet someone that you want to spend some time with. Exciting romance for the 12th. The evening of the 17th offers fireworks and passion.