Business transactions of all sorts should go smooth during the 2nd, however, avoid long distance travel, if at all possible, during the early part of the day. When the 3rd arrives, focus on your goals, especially the career ones. Don’t accept a position simply because it is offered to you. Consider the possibilities and if it will head you in the direction that you want to go. When the 4th arrives, don’t allow an associate to dump extra work on your desk, just because they haven’t been able to keep up with things.

Opportunity comes your way around the 5th. Keep your eyes open or you could miss out on this chance to not only improve your career status, but your financial gain, as well. You can talk your way through anything you’re up against on the 10th. So take advantage and try and schedule important meetings. Smooth sailing with business related issues for the 12th. Travel is favored for the 13th. When the 16th arrives, try and remain focused on what it is you’re doing, otherwise it will be a waste of a day. The 17th and 18th however, provides productivity. Success in business dealings for the 24th. The 25th brings positive communication your way. Write reports, give presentations and make those phone calls that you’ve been putting off. A peaceful day at work for the 26th. Put your creative side to work for you on the 30th and watch the results turn into accomplishments.

Financial luck comes your way during the 7th. Shopping is favored for the 21st, but not on the 22nd.

Attend an event or social gathering during the 8th. Fun and excitement await. Attend a family gathering for Fathers Day, and relax and have a good time. Get out with a close friend during the 23rd and share some quality time together. Good conversation will do you both a world of good. Avoid disagreements with friends during the 27th. Find something to do alone. A wonderful day awaits for the 28th. Enjoy. Go with the flow during the 29th. Your friends may have the right idea. Their plans could end up being the best time you’ve had in a long time.

Socializing during the early part of the 1st can lead to unexpected romance. Romance for the evening of the 9th. Spend some quality time with your partner. Passion arises on the 11th. Romance for the 14th. The evening of the 15th allows the opportunity to discuss comprises in your relationship. Romance begins to blossom on the 19th. Spend some quality time with your partner during the 20th. Romance shines during the evening of the 26th.