Things you do on the 2nd can be part of your future success. Positive deals and negotiations for the 3rd. If you have something to say regarding a work matter, the 6th provides clear communication and positive influences. Communication is strong again on the 8th. Put it to use and enjoy the rewards. Learning and travel are favored for the 9th and the 10th. Be careful of whom you tell what to at work on the 13th, as you don’t want someone else to take the credit for your ideas. You’ll get the motivation that you need to complete a project on the 14th. Relax on the 16th as a smooth day at work awaits. Early day travel is favored for the 17th.

You’ll get answers you need at work on the 21st. All you have to do is ask for them. A minor dispute early on the 22nd can be cleared up by late in the day if you allow yourself to see both sides of the situation. The 24th won’t be one of the smoothest days at work, but it will be a productive one as long as you remain focused on what it is you’re doing. Learning is favorable for the 28th. Opportunity knocks on the 30th, so try to pay attention.

Review finances around the 3rd. Double check figures when the 7th arrives. You don’t want to pay twice for one item. Shopping is favorable during the 10th and the 11th. Luck and finances go together on the 18th.

Spend part of the 4th doing something special for yourself. Travel is not especially favored for the 5th. When the 9th arrives, it would be a great time to begin a new project or finish an old one. Spend some time with friends during the 15th. A fun-filled day awaits for the 19th. Get out and have fun. A friendship improves on the 23rd. The 25th should bring peace and enjoyment spent with family. Get together with friends on the 26th. Don’t miss out on the fun that awaits.

On the 2nd, quality time with your partner will be rewarding in many respects. Communication and love go together for the 4th. Romance builds on the 5th. A serious discussion with your partner should prove to be enlightening on the 9th. Lucky in love for the 20th. Dating is favorable for the 25th. Avoid a quarrel with your partner, if possible, during the 28th. Spend quality time together on the 29th. Romance for the 30th