Career searching is favored for the 3rd. Let your intuition guide you during the 5th. Travel mixed with business is favorable on the 6th and again on the 7th. Success is in the air on the 9th. The 10th won’t be one of the most smoothest days that you’ve had at work, but if you remain focused on the job at hand, you’ll at least be able to get something accomplished. If you don’t agree with something at work on the 12th, speak your mind, before it’s too late. Put your plans into action on the 13th. Show others your ability to take the lead when the 16th arrives. Additional responsibility arrives around the 19th. Have no fear, you’re the person for the job. A productive day for the 23rd. Although you may have other issues on your mind during the 24th, if you stay focused on your work, you’ll be able to achieve success in all that you do. A change in plans during the 27th will leave you time to get other things finished. Reach for success on the 30th. Lend a helping hand to an associate when the 31st arrives.

Shopping is favored for the 6th and the 7th. Take some time during the 10th or the 11th to review financial matters. You may end up finding a way to save money in the long run. Finances and luck go hand and hand during the 20th and 21st.

Do something fun and special with friends on the 4th. Get together with family on the 8th. Relax and let your hair down for the day. Do something creative on the 11th. Avoid long distance travel, if possible, during the evening of the 16th. Not everyone that you come into contact with during a social function on the 17th will be your pal. Do your best to have a good time anyway. Get together with family members on the 20th and have a few laughs. Spend some time at home on the 21st getting things done that you need to get done. Have some friends over to your place for a get together on the 27th or the 28th.

The 1st brings a breath of fresh air into your love life. Sparks fly for the 2nd. Communication with your partner is the key to passion on the 5th. Love prospects for the 8th. When the 9th arrives, you and your partner should be planning a romantic get-away for two. Get out with your partner on the 12th. Luck in love for the 22nd. Romance is on the horizon during the 26th and again on the 30th. Communication with your partner is essential on the 31st.